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Comments from our friends: 

We contacted MAN a couple of years ago when we were at a point with our Men’s Ministry where it was stagnant – at best – and not glorifying God. MAN responded quickly and with a lot of tools & guidance that helped us right away. They helped us assess and analyze the current status and needs for our Ministry, both on the phone & in person. They really helped our team lay out a ‘do it yourself’ plan with achievable milestones, which was a perfect solution for our church.

MAN has accompanied us throughout this process and we can truly say that we have seen amazing changes in our ministry to men. There is much more involvement, we have stronger event participation and we established small groups where discipleship is being nurtured. Overall, Men’s Ministry is moving forward and is now a strong anchor in our church. What was (and continues to be) most impressive is how MAN responds quickly to our needs & requests and how pro-active they are in anticipating what we need most. I strongly recommend MAN to every Men’s Ministry. They are such a blessing and encouragement!

Heinz Windt, Men’s Ministry Leader, Clayton Community Church, Clayton CA
By the time I heard about the “Ministry Alliance Network” I had already been working for a couple of years with five other volunteer leaders, and our very supportive pastor trying to develop a vital Men’s Ministry at our church. We had gotten to a point where it seemed to me hopeless and impossible. There had to be more than just one breakfast a month with the same guys coming over and over. There was just no one burning with excitement, no new seekers being attracted, and no growth in our own men. It seemed that Men’s Ministry had to be bigger than just our church, and the things we were doing.

Then I heard about the R3 conferences in our region and the first one that I attended blew my mind. Within 15 minutes from sitting in on the first keynote speaker, I had already heard directly from God that I needed to get ready for His calling me into ministry and retirement. The Excitement and purpose that I was infused with changed me and gave me hope that God had something for us. After the speakers and breakout classes I met Brandon Aldridge from the Ministry Alliance Network, and discovered about their offer to Mentor and support churches to build up Men’s Ministry. We began to meet as a team and conference with James Steiner and Brandon, and we took on a new momentum. Over time we took on new ideas, new understanding, redefinition of our roles, trust, and perspective. They have always been there for us, very creative, energetic, available and supportive to what we sense God wants us to do. Our events took on a new life, and we started to reach out to our community and appear relevant and interesting to those we we’re reaching out to.

Although we have grown a lot, we still have a long way to go, but we have a new vision!

Tom Saylor, Men’s Ministry Leader, Santa Rosa Alliance Church, Santa Rosa CA



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