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You are a faithful follower of Christ. He has given you a vision, a mission, and a strategy. You have prayed it, planned it, and are executing it.  And things are going just OK. Common failure points include:

 Priorities and Focus – Lack of written priorities can feel like you are running in sand.

  • Roadmap – It’s amazing how many organizations do not have a roadmap. Without it, everyone might be running at full speed – but in wrong/different directions.
  • Funding – It’s like wind to a sailboat. Without it, you sit and go nowhere. Do you have plan? How are you asking? Will it be to existing donors, referrals, programs, etc.?
  • Go-to-Market – Most ministries won’t use this term but it’s mission-critical to proliferate and share your God given vision, mission, and content.
  • Personnel/Volunteers – The harvest is plenty but where are the workers? Without the proper infrastructure, engagement, and communication plan – it’s a nice short relationship.


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